The workshop was helpful, informative and encouraging. A privilege to have that kind of input from Scott and Sandi. — Errol Martens, Kelowna, BC, Canada

The critique group was the most delightful surprise in the whole week.  What I had feared turned out to be the greatest blessing.  What a group we had … There is, indeed wisdom in a multitude of counselors! — Jerry Praetzel, Montana

I’ve learned so much, and they helped me to get moving in my writing. I’ve now published two books! — MJ Miller, Tennessee

The critique group was very helpful and helped me improve significantly. — Andy Mayo, Texas

I’m deeply grateful for the mentoring help I received on my book. — Geeta Bhagola, Netherlands

Sandi’s writers groups in Kona were such a blessing to me. I received new inspiration every week. — Margaret Feaver, Pennsylvania