Here are just a few of the talented writers who have participated in our writers workshops and critique groups, then published books and continue to encourage other writers.

Twink DeWitt

Author and Grace Writers Tribe associate

She is the author of The Trust Diamond and inspirational stories in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. She has served in our workshops in Texas, Hawaii and Montana.

Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer

Author and Choctaw storyteller

This Texas author’s latest book, Anumpa Warrior, tells the heroic story of the Choctaw code talkers in World War I. She has written four other historical novels about the Choctaw nation.

Umar Turaki

Filmmaker and writer

Umar is the creator of the eight-part film series, In Love and Ashes, based on stories from his native Nigeria. His works of fiction have been published in the Africa anthology Migrations. His latest novel is Such A Beautiful Thing To Behold.

M.J. Miller

Author, beekeeper, and missionary

This multi-talented Tennessee author’s newest book is Life Lessons from a Rescue Dog. It follows the popular Life Lessons from the Hive, She has traveled the world in her work with Youth With A Mission.

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Honoree Broderson

Retired high school principal

Honoree writes youth fiction based on her insights and experiences as a high school principal on the Big Island of Hawaii. Her two books are Ripped Off and A Victim’s Choice. She and her husband George now RV across the USA in their retirement.

Walt Hoffman

Pastor, author and retired electrical engineer

Walt and his wife started a church for teenagers at their Southern California home that grew into a vibrant Christian movement. Its story is told in his book, And Church Happened.

Kris Richards

Teacher, intercessor, and author

Kris teaches at the University of the Nations campus in Kona, Hawaii. Before moving there, she led a prayer movement that helped transform an inner-city high school in Portland, Oregon. Her book is The Roosevelt High Story,

Barbara Scott

Artist, musician, and author

Barb is an overcomer. Though struggling for years with chronic pain, she has written three books and is an accomplished flutist and painter. Her books include God’s Grace to Thrive with Chronic Pain, The Adoption Club and From Rubble to Restoration.

John Feaver

Retired ATT systems engineer, author, and songwriter

John worked for 30 years in the communication industry, but his creative side led him to write three books and some Christian worship songs. He has also staffed our Authors Training School. His books include One Heart One Way, Into the Light, and This Do. These books honor the spiritual legacy of his parents, Douglas and Margaret Feaver, and academic pioneer HV Malmstadt.

Lorita Boyle

Author and spiritual director

Lorita and her husband Tom served for many years with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Lorita took up writing later in life and attended one of our Writers Workshops in Kona, Hawaii. Her book Bathsheba’s Journey gives a compassionate view of the woman who suffered the loss of her husband at the hands of King David. The Boyles now live in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey.

Suzanne Field

Author and educator

Suzanne is the author of three books and her newest, Miss Alice Rose, just hit the market. Suzanne participated for years in our Kona, Hawaii, writers group, and it led to her first book, The Painted Table. She and husband Ted now live near Dallas, TX.

Gordon Baker

Counselor and novelist

Gordon’s love for writing and love of his native New Zealand led to the creation of his first novel, A Thousand Tears From Home. He pressed through to finish it after participating in our Lakeside, Montana, workshop. He and his wife Tricia now live in Connecticut.

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