Staff and students from a previous workshop in Kona, Hawaii, are pictured above.

The Montana writers workshop

This five-day workshop will feature daily teaching, writing exercises, small groups and social activities in a spectacular setting. Our goal is to help you complete with excellence whatever God has called you to write. We seek¬† to open ourselves to the creative power of the Holy Spirit as we write, then learn from and encourage one another. Some of the subjects we’ll cover in this week are:

  • Fresh approaches to get your book or article published
  • Tools to enhance your writing and editing skills
  • A market strategy with social media
  • Write compelling articles for blogs or online and print magazines
  • Proven techniques for interviews and research

Space is limited so contact us today and we will send you more information.

The School of Writing and seminars

Our workshop speakers, Sandi and Scott Touofn-sealmpkins, are support staff for the University of the Nations School of Writing and the Authors Training School. They have led or staffed writers seminars in England, Texas, Florida and Hawaii. The School of Writing, which begins April 6 in Kona, focuses on developing writing skills and introduction to specific types of writing such as narrative, thematic, article writing, fiction, screenwriting,¬† children’s literature and social media.